Calling theists for debate

During my very recent two-year denial of Krsna consciousness, I was invited to a large community of atheists on Google+, presumably because I seemed like one.  Oddly enough, it was about the time when I had become frustrated with atheistic reasoning (which seems to be thoroughly ignorant of Krsna conscious philosophy), so I turned out to be somewhat of a misfit there.  I’m used to that.

Anyway, the atheist group has about 17,000 members last I saw, and recently a sub-group was created for organized debating with theists about various subjects.  However it’s very lopsided, so the group owner asked for folks to put out the word inviting theists.  That’s what I’m doing now.  The first debate topic is about to be chosen.

If anyone is interested, let me know, and I will arrange to get you in.

I hope that there are devotees who are expert at this sort of thing and would be willing to get involved.  IMHO, preaching to the converted is lame by comparison.  Let’s see some courage!  If my understanding of Krsna conscious philosophy is insufficient, then I may go back to the other side.  Sometimes I think that’s what Krsna wants.

I would also be interested in discussing strategy here for debating against atheists on various topics. 

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  • Damon

    Hare krishna, I am interested in this opportunity to discuss strategy in debating atheists or in joining the group you mention if you consider me suitable.

  • Hare Krishna, prabhu. Sorry for my slow response. The debate forum I had in mind when I put up this post was not run well and seems basically defunct. However there are others on Google+ that are more active. If you are set up with an account or can get one, I can share them with you.

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